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About Het Roze Huis

Het Roze Huis has its roots in the successful Pink Saturday that took place in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1994. At the initiative of future chair Denis Bouwen, a group got together and brainstormed about a new, permanent, and visible LGBT+ project. A survey among the Antwerp associations pointed to the need for an area for meetings and activities. In 1995, the non-profit organisation Het Roze Huis was founded by some volunteers and 10 LGB associations based in the city.

27 years later, Het Roze Huis continues to represent the interests of the rainbow community in the province of Antwerp. We conduct campaigns, organise courses, and provide advice to combat pigeonholing and help create equal opportunities for everyone. We make sure the rights of our grass-roots supporters are maintained and broadened.

As an umbrella organisation, we support the work of provincial associations on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Through a policy of encounters, exchange, and cooperation, we promote the visibility of our target group and the well-being and position of the people in our community.

We care about the following elements:


We’re passionate about what we do. Our staff, volunteers, and supporters are committed to making a positive contribution to the lives of others


We don’t pigeonhole people. We’re on the side of all those working in favour of equal opportunities and who respect everyone’s individuality. We actively seek out partnerships; our door is always open.


We believe different perspectives enrich the world. We strive to welcome and give a voice to diversity both within and beyond our community.


What we do and how we conduct ourselves are characterised by respect for everyone’s individuality and personal integrity. We treat each other with respect and fairness.


Volunteering stimulates encounters, connections, and participation. We believe that volunteering helps people grow.

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Board of directors

The board of directors meets each month, and is authorised to set out the policy and day-to-day operation of Het Roze Huis – çavaria Antwerp

Kat Van Nuffel


Andy Vandervoort


Citizen of Limburg, citizen of the world, ... and now an 'Antwerp resident' for quite some time. Avid swimmer, as well as honorary director and chair, at the non-profit organisation Active Company. One of the founders of the non-profit organisations Antwerp Pride and World Outgames in Antwerp. Professionally active as a policy officer at the Department of Culture, Youth and Media. An avid 'supporter of Het Roze Huis', because I want to give something back to the community that offered me safe and warm surroundings a long time ago, when I was new to Antwerp. Thanks to the collective activities, I'm a happier person. I want to share this with all those who have a place in their heart for Het Roze Huis.

Peter Nijst

Peter Nijst


Active since 1999, the last 10 years as secretary. Diversity, in the broadest sense of the word, is my greatest motivation. We and our beloved predecessors have achieved a lot in the field of LGBT+ rights, which is something we can be proud of. You sometimes hear people saying: "Ah, those gays, they've got everything now, haven't they?" There exist those who are increasingly active in their calls to make us return to our places as inferior citizens. History and current events teach us that we have to remain vigilant!

Marleen Hufkens

Marleen Hufkens

Board member

I've been active at Het Roze Huis for about five years. My main objective is to represent the interests of the transgender community on the board of directors and at Het Roze Huis. In addition, I want to continue to represent the critical voice at Het Roze Huis.

The staff

Elena Van Hoof

General Coordinator

Stef Van Mieghem

Project Coordinator

Onze vrijwilligers

Het Roze Huis – çavaria Antwerp is completely dependent on the kindness and commitment of its volunteers. These volunteers are responsible for every conceivable task, from building maintenance to political lobbying.

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