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We´re not alone

Het Roze Huis is an umbrella organisation for LGBTQIA+ associations active in the province of Antwerp. Het Roze Huis supports these associations and monitors them together with the çavaria educational assistant. Here, you will find an overview of all the associations affiliated with Het Roze Huis.

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Our associations

Active Company

Active sports for LGBTQIA+ people


Regenboog association focussed on culture

Antwerp Pride vzw 


Asexual is an organization for asexual people


For women who like women


For and by LGBTQIA+ / queer adults with autism

Berdache Belgie

Association for family of trans people

BGMC Knalpijp

LGBTQ+ motorclub +500cc


CAW Antwerpen: social organization for male and trans sexworkers


For men active in chemsex

De Flamingo´s

Antwerp based LGBTQIA+ student organization

De Klaproos

Talking group voor LGBTQ+ people in Antwerp

Diversiteitsnetwerk Lokale Politie Antwerpen

Talking group for bi people


Gewoon Doorgaan

Gender association

Homo- en Lesbiennewerking Mechelen (HLWM)

LGBTQ+ organization based in Mechelen

InTeam Theaterproducties


Association for trans men

MSC Antwerpen

For LGBTQIA+ people who love fetish


Zet zich in voor een betere ondersteuning van slachtoffers van seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag.

Queers Without Beers


Vereniging voor holebi-ouders Regenbooggezinnen Vlaanderen – De place to be voor holebi (wens)ouders.

Regenboog Niel

Local initiative against homo- and trans fobia


Giving elder LGBTQ people a face and a voice


Trotse Ouders

Talking group for parents of LGBTQIA+ children


LGBTQIA+ theater association 

Wandelgroep vrouwen die van vrouwen houden 

Werkgroep Homo Kempen (WHK)

LGBTQIA+ association in the Kempen


Association for women who (also) love women, 30+


Weekly and monthly gatherings

Weekly gatherings from our associations
Each Monday (19u30 — 22u30): Koor Pink Noise (Active Company)
Each Thursday (19u00 — 21u00): talking to the people from Het Roze Huis in bar Den Draak for anyone who had questions or wants to talk our (their) genderidentity and sexual orientation

Monthly gatherings from our associations

LGBTQIA+ culture association:
Each third Thursday  at 20u00 in Suzan Daniel (Draakplaats 1)

voor én door LGBTQIA+ / queer volwassenen met autisme
Elke eerste zaterdag van de maand van 14u tot 17u. in Buurthuis Unik, Fransenplaats 1, 2018 Antwerpen

Advice and/or help for people who are active in
Each first Wednesday at 17u30 at Zolder (Draakplaats 1)

De Roze Draad

Queer knitting club.

Every second thursday of the month at 20h, we knit/ crochet/ embroider/ … together at Suzan Daniel (Draakplaats 1, 2018 Antwerpen)

Talking group for bi people:
Each first Thursday at 20u00 in Suzan Daniel (Draakplaats 1)

Genderspectrum Antwerp

Chit Chat Café is a safe space for people who experience their gender as non binary, genderqueer, genderfluid… or people who are questioning their gender.

Each second Friday of the month from 19h to 23u in Peperfabriek

Games Club
Games club from Het Roze Huis: spellenclub@hetrozehuis be
Each first Friday at 20u00 at Zolder (Draakplaats 1)

Queers Without Beers

Fun activities that don’t involve drinking for once.

Each second Sunday of the month from 13h tot 17h at Blink Huis (Tichelrij 7, 2800 Mechelen)

Trotse Ouders / Proud parents of LGBTQ+ children 
Talking and listening group for and from parents with LGBTQ+ children
Every last Sunday at 2pm in Suzan Daniel Hall, Draakplaats 1