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Are you a student, and do you have a question regarding LGBTQIA+?Then please refer to the following information resources:

* On this çavaria page, you’ll find a wealth of useful information: Onderwijs | çavaria (

* This page of Wel Jong also contains a lot of information: Wel Jong

* The offerings of our HolebiBib: HolebiBib | HolebiBib catalogue.

* The information on the website of the Transgender Infopunt, Suzan Daniel Fund, and/or the non-profit organisation RoSa.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with interviews, specific input for school assignments/master’s theses, etc.


Internship at Het Roze Huis

We’re not taking on interns currently. If this changes, we’ll post a notice on this page and our Facebook page.


We do not sell rainbow items. If you’re looking for these, please check out bookstore Kartonnen Dozen: Rainbow items archives – Kartonnen Dozen (

Is the answer to your question not listed? Fill in the form below, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.



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Het Roze Huis – çavaria Antwerpen is iedere werkdag telefonisch bereikbaar van 12.00 uur tot 16.00 uur
op het nummer +32 (0)3 288 00 84.